Friday, 7 May 2010

What's cooking, good looking?

While watching ‘Julie and Julia’ today (one of the nicest, most pleasant films I’ve seen in a long time) I began to reminisce about my culinary experiences. This brought me back to one of the first times I wore my UGG boots. I was cooking Tapas (how very cultural of me) and I dropped a slice of courgette which was swimming so much in lemon juice it must have been doing the back-crawl. I watched in slow motion as it fell from my fork, down, down, down, overturning a few times before landing with a light thud on my left boot. Disaster. I could have cried. Thankfully though, as well as being a great cook, writer and joke teller, I’m quite domesticated and was able to remove most of the stain. So I learnt my lesson. Now I cook in slippers or socks with an apron sporting the motto: “What’s cooking, good looking?”

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