Monday, 10 May 2010

Hence the '55'

Michael Macintyre has this joke where his wife wants to buy a new bag for a night out so she can carry around her essentials in style: the bag she would like is £500. The punch line is that he, being the faithful, devoted husband that he is, would much rather hire someone to walk around behind his wife and carry her stuff for her than buy her this really expensive bag. (Its really pretty funny, you should youtube it).

There’s a couple of bags on that I’m rather lusting over at the moment.

O: Pucci’s bean-shaped clutch bag is pretty glam. I don’t think I’d take it on a night out though, I’d just admire it every so often as it would sit on a shelf in my room.

O: Mulberry’s Antony leather cross-body bag. Mmmm, yes please. Thankfully Mother Dearest recently purchased this and I look forward to stealing it when her back is next turned. (Cue evil laugh)

O: THE Valentino Ricamo Shining Flower tote. It’s Valentino people. Valentino!

O: Balmain’s Swaovski clutch. It looks like it would be nice to stroke.

Ok, so maybe that’s more than a couple, but I figured I might have a rich fan out there who might like to buy me one (or more) of the above. Thanks in advanced.

P.S. Found out a fact that I really should have known years ago: Chanel’s famous 2.55 bag was named thus because a) it was being re-launched (hence the ‘2’) and b) it was re-launched in 1955 (hence the ‘55’).

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