Monday, 17 May 2010

I was heartbroken

I almost laughed in a girls face today. A sort of laugh-cough-spluttery noise left my mouth as I passed her in the street and then I continued to look at her, mouth hanging open in sheer disbelief. I don’t mean to sound amazingly bitchy but, really now, was she for real?

I know floral patterns are in this season, it is Spring/Summer after all (how original) but this girl had taken this trend to the extreme and accessorized like there was no tomorrow. Now I’m not saying I know everything about fashion and yes we all know I’ve had a few disasters in the past (read previous entries if you want a re-cap) but let me describe to you what she was wearing:

Floral patterned tights in a grey/orange colour combo. Faded, floral denim hotpants. Brown belt. White tee. Pearl necklace with flower corsage. Headband with flower corsage. Satchel. Brown shoes.

Maybe I’m just a bit sceptical about florals? When I was 14 I bough a skirt from Topshop for my dad’s birthday party. Pink, black and grey brushstrokes swooshed round in little circles that looked like flowers. It was cute. I liked it. Well, I liked it until one of my dad’s friends asked whose curtains I had stolen to make the skirt from? I was heartbroken.

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