Monday, 24 May 2010


Everybody loves a good wedding. I was lucky enough to attend one this weekend just across the border in a quaint little town in England. The sun was shining spectacularly all day which made for beautiful photo opportunities set against the stunning scenery that surrounded the farm. So lush. So pretty. So country chic.

My friend and I had a ball: the venue was picturesque and atmospheric; the music was so danceable and enjoyable; the food was delicious and the bar was free. My favourite part of a wedding though (after getting caught up in the emotion and merriment) is to see what everyone is wearing – from the bride and groom, to the bridesmaids and ushers, family members and close friends - all that attend such an occasion go that extra step to glam up for the day which is celebration enough to blog about.

So here’s my commentary of the wedding outfits (well, from what I remember anyway…like I said, it was a free bar).

O. The bride wore an elegant, classic, beautiful lace dress. My eyes feasted on it all day long. Its train was just divine, trailing behind her perfectly as she walked up the isle and moving so effortlessly as it too enjoyed the couple’s first dance.

O. The groom looked dashingly hansom in his charcoal and black tail suit. His tie was pale pink and his waistcoat grey. As this was my first wedding not to take place in Scotland, it was a somewhat different, yet pleasant, experience to not see the groom in a kilt.

O. Groomsmen followed ‘suit’ (gettit?) whereas the bridesmaids funked it up a little: all four of them sported the same dress but paired off in teams of bright plum and regal purple.

O. Notable guests included a woman wearing a very lime-green dress with a wild, extravagant, lavish hat – multicoloured strands bounced from a black, mesh, circular base which sat to the side of the supporting hair-band. It scared me a little, but I liked it.

O. Another beautiful guest wore a coral dress which deliciously suited the summer season and made her stand out against the organic skyline. Turquoise heels stood out wonderfully and with her freshly dyed hair she looked like a babe.

O. Between the men there was a fantastic mix of the distinct English and Scottish style heritage. Tweed suits, tails, kilts and tartan trousers were in abundance making the day a true culture clash.

O. My outfit? I wore a bottle green, silk, strapless dress with a black cropped blazer and lace up shoe boots (I finally got a pair, hurrah). My mothers concern though, was that my nail-polish on my toes looked trashy compared to the rest of the outfit. A pink shade of coral would cheekily contrast yet compliment everything else but I was told that a green varnish would ‘coordinate’ more. Obviously I ignored Mother Dearest’s ‘fashion advice’ and received a great many praises on the ‘rebellion’.

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