Friday, 16 March 2012

Hankering after for two weeks now.

O-M-G. Sometimes I am just so fashion, Anna Wintour should just adopt me. Honestly. I’ve truly outdone myself this week. On two separate occasions I have worn two different denim shirts buttoned all the way up to the top. I know, right? So fashion.

I bet you’re sitting there reading this right now thinking ‘but what did she wear it with’? Ok, I’ll tell you…the first light denim shirt that I buttoned all the way was teamed with a pale pink, pleated skirt and a cropped blazer which (and I’m waiting on my adoption forms being signed now) is just so on trend right now. Spring/Summer ’12 is alllll about those pastels ladies with a little bit of pure girlyness for added effect a la Marc Jacobs at Louis Vuitton. I bought a top last week which is an almost exact replica of the dress Kate Moss wore at the end of that show (you know – the white, laser cut/daisy lace patterned dress with the white feathers for added dramatic effect) except it’s a top rather than a dress and it was about 5,480EUR less that the one it took it’s inspiration from. God love intellectual property rights.

The second denim shirt that I wore today was tucked into black, knee length, half circle skirt which I simply accessorised with a gold hair band. “Oh hi, Mumma Wintour”.

Despite the success of these two outfits, I’m currently fretting about my wardrobe for next week. My work is setting it’s employees a challenge: five days, five outfits, one pair of jeans. This is, as some of you may be aware, in aid of World Water Day – which hits us on Thursday 22nd March – where we are being asked to wear our jeans for five days straight without washing them so that we can appreciate the vast water consumption that our jeans go through during their entire life cycle. Ok, I’ll stop being all corporate on yo’ass now and get back to the matter at hand. What am I going to wear?

I’ve chosen the lucky pair of jeans - a dark wash, tapered leg – and have reorganised my wardrobe so that my top’s all hang neatly beside one another to ensure maximum comparison potential. (Wow, try saying that fast five times in a row). So, while sticking to my new mantra of being prepared for work my weekend looks like this: deciding on my five outfits that will see me go fashionably from 9-5 wearing the same pair of jeans and buying that skirt from Zara that I’ve been hankering after for two weeks now.

Over and out. xx

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

I do not want to be a Liverpudlian WAG

When I was 5 years old, I would love to play ‘The Dress-Up Game’. This honest-to-god amazing game would involve me running around my house wearing a ghastly pair of Lion King printed leggings, a bandanna and my mum’s blazer – because this is what I though business women wore – and pretending to be a grown up.

Now that I am (OMG) a grown up – ok, not quite business women: I’m just a ‘yo-pro’ right now – this game is not quite as fun.

I read an article over a weekend which discussed the personal style of the latest Alexa Chung wannabe who said “Never dress in a rush. Plan your outfit the night before and you’ll be prepared”. Well, Little Miss Fashionista 2k12, I have news for you. Some of us are drop dead tired at night time and don’t fancy standing in front of our wardrobes, zombie like, thinking a) what the weather will do tomorrow, b) what colour of soup one will have at lunch (in case of spillage on a white top for instance – shock horror) or c) if we’ll be sitting at our desks all day in which case yes, we will wear a pair of heels.

I wish I had a fashion fairy godmother who each morning would sing a happy tune inspiring me to ‘dress for the job you want, not the job you have’. If my FFG (Fashion Fairy Godmother) had been there this morning I very much doubt she would have been thrilled by my outfit choice. Jeggings, a leopard print top and fur jacket might be considered the norm in Liverpool on a WAG, but on me the results just made me feel like a ho – not exactly the state of mind you want to have when you meet the CEO of the company you ‘yo-pro’ at. Merde.

Maybe I ought to google the weather for tomorrow and then think of an outfit. S’lataaaa xx

PS…just read that over and would like to point out that I do not want a job as a Liverpudlian WAG.