Saturday, 3 September 2011

Animal Rescue Shelter

Ahhhh, the three words every girl wants to hear from her boyfriend: “You’re kidding, right?”. Yup, those magical three little words that can completely shatter your love of something – not the boyfriend, don’t worry, I am in fact talking about a skirt.

I bought a skirt and top for a very special upcoming event and was soooo looking forward to wearing it. In a moment of sheer delight and excitement I tired the outfit on and got that response. Now my boyfriend and I are like chalk and cheese: he hates vegetables and I live on them; he likes country and Indie music, I idolise Boyonce and Gaga, so really I should have known better to think ahead and realise he would hate it.

If you’re an avid reader you’re probably sitting there thinking “I’m siding with the BF, this girl always gets it wrong”. But wait, hold that thought a second and let me win you over. It’s a dark nude colour, pleated with a black waistband and from Zara. I thought it was cute, flirty, on trend and rather inoffensive. But when the BF described it as something he could imagine a grandmother wearing, it completely ruined it for me. Now it sits in my wardrobe with its tag still on looking up at me like an abandoned puppy at an animal rescue shelter.

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