Tuesday, 17 August 2010

History of history

Ok, so I know I’ve not painted the best portrait of Father Dearest in the past, having described his sense of style as remarkably similar to a 14th century Pagan or something to that extent, but what can I say…he’s obviously been paying attention in recent months. I had a phone call from him yesterday morning to say that while on his way to work he had passed a charity shop with the most interesting jacket in its window and that he had popped in and put it on hold for me. Now, when anyone, myself included, uses the word ‘interesting’ to describe an item of clothing it’s usually not in a positive light. I pushed it a little further, “what do you mean by interesting?”, I asked. “Well, its vintage Frank Usher, covered in gold and brown sequins, medium length sleeves, blah blah blah”. I had stopped listening at ‘Frank Usher’. To cut a long story short, I can reveal to you now avid readers, that I am now the proud owner of the most beautiful, exquisite, dashing jacket in the history of history.

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