Thursday, 29 July 2010

A nice day

A habit is something we do with a sense of familiarity and to which we are accustomed. Sometimes hard to break, sometimes bad, occasionally leading to addiction but, for the most part, a habit is something we do without thought and without agenda.

Since living in London this summer I’ve gotten into the most annoying habit. Its quite possible to experience all four seasons in one day in Scotland (I may have exaggerated there, but I'm not far off the truth). Despite the soaring temperatures and constant sunshine (sorry, I don’t mean to make you jealous) I cannot get out of my home regime of always being prepared for all weather eventualities. Here, in London, I will always have a scarf, jacket or umbrella on me…just in case.

I can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve had to use them.

O. For the occasional rain – all two times in eight weeks – my umbrella did come in handy I’ll admit. But it was warm rain and it was quite refreshing to be cooled off by a light drizzle, so it didn’t stay up for all that long.

O. When it looks slightly overcast (a rare sight) I’ll take a jacket with me and maybe wear it if I can’t be bothered carrying it on the tube (or risk it getting crushed in my bag or - worse – having lunch spill on it…again) but this is quite a nuisance.

O. Ahhh, the scarf. So practical at home, yet such an inconvenience here. Yes they do help to accessorise an outfit but really they’re not needed. The longer they are, the longer it takes to get it off, and the longer you stand on a busy platform looking like a complete tool for wearing such a thing on such a nice day.

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