Saturday, 12 June 2010

If only I had the time to wait for the delivery

Tomorrow I’ll be embarking on yet another journey. I’ll not drone on again about packing (it’s done, thankfully) but I’d quite like to complain about travel clothes. ‘Urggghhhh’ does not convey the stress, annoyance and sheer effort that goes into the thought behind what on earth I’ll be wearing on the train.

The thing that makes it so difficult about choosing something to wear is that:

O: I’d like to be comfortable (and generally, my version of comfortable is looking like an absolute slob)

O: I’d like to arrive at my destination looking semi-decent (which is hard when I also want to be comfortable)

O: Its going to hot and raining, therefore I must dress appropriately for the multi-season weather.

Gosh darn, I’ve nothing to wear.

Thankfully though, a little trip to advises me on my predicament: their link for ‘First Class Style, All you need for long haul chic’ is a real winner. If only I had time to wait for the delivery.

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