Monday, 21 June 2010

I'd like a brown satchel.

Ah, the joys of joining the nine to five slog of city workers in London. A daily of commute of three hours is, however, a rather exciting experience if, like me, you like to people watch. My favourite part of the whole shebang, is to wait at the Euston station every morning and watch the world go by, everyone scuttling about like ants in a colony. They dodge between people, glued to their i-phones, ignoring the world and missing out on the beautiful fashion show that goes on far beneath the streets in the busy tube tunnels of the underground. What a spectacle.

Everyone looks so sharp and well dressed and smart and well presented and business like, as if they could take over the world in an instant. I stand there looking like the little, timid intern that I am, completely lost in this new, overwhelming environment. I am trying to ‘blend’ in. Gone are the weekdays of slobbing about in jeans and leggings. My work wardrobe consists of tapered and straight-leg trousers and plain tee’s, dresses that sit just above my knee and flat shoes. I put my work outfits together optimistically thinking that they say “please take me seriously”.

I was hoping to tap into the whole ‘geek chic’, but I fear I come across more ‘geek dreich’. Maybe I’m a happy medium in between? Whichever way, I’d like a brown satchel.

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