Thursday, 8 April 2010

Perhaps it will become an addiction

Blue is the new black. Gold is the new black. Even White is the new black.

I wish this wasn’t the case.

For some reason, unknown to me, I don’t suit many colours. It’s like they reject me. It sucks a bit.

I guess black is the new black for me. It will always replace itself in my wardrobe, amongst my clothes, shoes, jewellery and accessories.

Before you think it, no, I am not some morbidly depressed Goth who surrounds my eyes in black eye-liner with a tattooed tear drawn neatly on my check-bone.

I simply like it and suit it. Actually do I like it? Maybe it’s the safe option? Who knows. Ok for arguments sake, I’ll say I like it.

Black is probably a style trait that I’ve inherited from my mother, who on a regular basis has to put up with my dad asking “Whose funeral is it today?”

I get his point. Totally. It’s association with mourning was made famous by Queen Victoria after the death of her husband and has stuck around ever since.

But its classic also. Sophisticated. Sleek even. The LBD is something every guuuurl has hanging in her wardrobe, elegantly waiting to be worn.

But please don’t imagine me wearing all black, all day, every day. I really don’t. Yet, in one form or another, you can pretty much guarantee I’ll be wearing my black blazer, black leggings or a black bag. Not all together. I told you that. Hell no.

Its now officially B.S.T. Last weekend the clocks changed, which means the days are longer and brighter and it’s harder to get away with wearing black. Summer 2K10 has arrived and for the past couple of months, fashion has been heading in the direction of patterns, pastels and prettiness. So I’ve been preparing my wardrobe, and mentality, for this. I’ve started to wear light coloured jeans. I’ve started to wear a stone coloured trench coat. I’ve even started to paint my toenails orange, but no-one really sees them, so that’s really a wasted effort.

Anyway, I shall continue in my quest to inject more colour into my daily attire. Who knows, perhaps it will become an addiction.

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