Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Even the birthday girl

Remember when you were young and every other week you would be invited to a classmates birthday bash? Each Saturday afternoon would involve playing ‘pass the parcel’ with such competitiveness, you would over indulge on multi-coloured party-ring biscuits and secretly think that your dress was by far the prettiest. The Jolly Giant would be the number one destination for the present and you’re mum would pick you up at 5pm sharp – you’d then run home and scoff the slice of birthday cake neatly wrapped in the party bag.

Oh memory, you serve me well.

Fast forward a few years and birthday parties in your 20’s follow the same principles, only:

O. Saturday afternoons are replaced with Saturday evenings

O. You play drinking games

O. Tesco’s alcohol isle is THE destination to buy a birthday present

O. And after a night out you run home to scoff the bag of chips which have been neatly wrapped in newspaper.

The one factor that remains exactly the same is that you still secretly think that you’re dress is by far the prettiest.

This has been the year of twenty-first’s. The majority of my friends were born in 1988 and 1989 so this really has been PARTY SEASON. But finding a new dress for each occasion has been a bit of a pickle, my knickers have got in a twist and I’ve been stressed. What colour? What length? What style? Will anyone be wearing the same dress (that would be an actual disaster)? Will it be appropriate for a bar/club/restaurant? And will it look good?! Oh, life can be so hard sometimes.

The party dress is most fun thing to scout, try on and purchase. I love it when you have to get a new one – and it is a ‘have to’ and not a ‘want to’. It’s compulsory, necessary and required. FULL STOP.

Every time I go party dress shopping, I flick through Vogue and Elle, have a look on style.com and net-a-porter.com and imagine what I’d like to find in town. However one of those annoyances in life is that when you know what you want, you cant find it: but every other time, when you have no place to go or no money to spend, you see a million beautifully, lush, puuuurfect dresses. Boooo. Hissssss.

But everything happens for a reason. Party dresses are designed for a reason. And you buy them for a reason: to upstage everyone else, even the birthday girl.


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