Monday, 22 August 2011


First impressions really count don't they? Gawwwwd. I think I heard somewhere that you make up your mind about someone within 30 seconds of seeing their face, shaking their hand and of course, judging their clothes. So, really, its crucial that you pick the right outfit in order to make friends and fit in.

So imagine if you please, you're me, you've moved to a country that isn't hugely known for its thriving fashion scene and you're about to embark on an internship at a global apparel brand. Picking an outfit for your first day is going to be a little tricky.

Do you suit up and go corporate?

Do you wear heels?

Do you make a wee bit too much effort with the overall look and carry around a briefcase?

These are the questions that ran about in my brain for the weeks leading up to my big move. Luckily I had the balls to ask about the dress code (fairly casual).


Skinny jeans. Check. White top. Check. Blazer. Check. Loafers. Check. Mulberry. Priceless.

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