Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Is there a trick to getting changed in a hurry? Sometimes I feel that I should have an emergency outfit on a hanger for days like today where I spent a good half hour dancing around in my underwear to One Directions new song on repeat (amazing btw).

So while most other mornings I pluck out about eight different items from my wardrobe and try them on in varying sorts before I finally decide on something that probably makes me look like a Boring Brenda, today was a real struggle. Realising at 8.34 AM (with 8 minutes until the metro comes) that I'm still singing along and have only managed to tame my locks and put on a face full of make up, picking something for work was a hard task. I'm actually cringing right now at the thought of todays outfit. Mortified even.

Pink jeans rolled up, white top (which I then spilt yoghurt on at lunchtime), beaded cardigan and black pumps. Bloody hell. I'm embarrassed I just told you that. I genuinely looked like a riot.
To make things worse, you need to be prepared for all eventualities on the continent. Yes, it may be 27 degrees outside, but it can still rain like its monsoon season and have Gail force winds. I left with no jacket, no umbrella and not even a brush to re-tame the locks. Disaster

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