Monday, 1 March 2010

It Depends Who You Wake Up Next To

Fresh, - adjective

. retaining the original properties unimpaired; not stale or spoiled

. not tired or fatigued

. looking youthful and healthy


Why is it that when we aren’t feeling as ‘fresh’ as we could be (or should be), we turn to ‘hangover’ attire? We seek comfort in clothing whether it be pyjamas (my personal favourite); joggies; old, oversized t-shirts; and of course, the hoodie.

It’s expected. It’s necessary. It’s unavoidable. And, it’s amazing.

I love the blissful feeling of waking up after a night out and thinking ‘I don’t have to make an effort today: I can scrape my hair back, throw on whatever, spray some perfume and leave; no one is going to say anything because they sympathise with my hangover’.

But is it acceptable?

I will be forever jealous of the girls that I was out with the night before, who walk into class looking like they’ve been airbrushed, who look unfairly and un-naturally beautiful. How is it they do it? Tell me your secret. I long to be like you. I long to be you.

However, I do take comfort in the image of my beautiful friend who recently admitted to wearing a ‘onesie’. Despite being the “best bloody gift ever, it doesn’t have separate legs, it’s more like a giant bag with holes for your hands and feet”, how terrible. How can she cope being so lush yet confined? Gurrrrrl, you know who you are and I’m-a-gonna need photographic evidence that even you can pull off this look.

My fail safe comforts? Leggings, check. Vest Top, check. Uni Hoodie, check. And if I have to run down to the shops for a loaf of bread and peanut butter (my hangover cure), I'll wear my Uggs, check check. It’s meant to be a ‘thrown-together-kind-of-look’ isn’t it? Urgh. I probably look like a charity shop has been sick on me. So annoying.

I asked another friend how she chooses what she wears. Her reply…

“It depends who you wake up next to”.

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