Wednesday, 6 October 2010

The only time a man should wear a skirt is to a stag do

In the news today there was an article about a Brazilian student who had been briefly expelled from university. No, she hadn’t plagiarised her final year dissertation or defaced a picture of her schools principle; she had worn a skirt which was deemed too short by university officials.

Ok, so, they wanted to discipline said student, but kicking her out of uni? Common! I understand that the Brazilian Education Authorities want to show that their institution is a place full of respectable, serious and ambitious students and that they would like them to represent their establishment in an appropriate way. But university is a place to broaden the mind, find one’s voice and gain life experiences: free thinking is encouraged…self expression should be too.

So what’s considered an inappropriate skirt length? When I was in primary school I was given into trouble for having my skirt sit two inches above my knee, then strangely, when I was in secondary school my skirt got longer and I gained self respect for myself. Jokes. Obvs.

Perhaps there ought to be clear, easy-to-follow rules about skirts, like:

O. If the total length of the skirt is less than five inches it is then, in fact, counted as a belt. (Take note, Jordan).

O. Suitable underwear should be worn in case of blustery days or trips and falls (if the skirt sits above the knee).

O. Floor length skirts may only be worn by tall people.

O. The only time a man should wear a skirt is to a stag do.

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